I have finally gained acceptance into all the three local University! 😀

Communication Studies in NTU, FASS in NUS and School of Social Sciences in SMU! I was really really worried that I wouldn’t be accepted into NUS or SMU because they took so long to contact me! 😦

One would notice, of course, that Law isn’t something offered to me. I expected it actually! Well.. actually I was kinda hoping that NUS would at least call me up for an interview but they didn’t. Wish I put FASS as first choice because then I wouldn’t be kept waiting so long for acceptance. I already knew after my interview that I wouldn’t be accepted into SMU Law but I was hoping they’d at least accept me for Social Science! Which they did yay ^^

But honestly I don’t think I will want to do Social Sciences in SMU. I just don’t like to be rejected HAHA.

So now it’s between NUS and NTU! Which has always been the case actually.. I know I’ve been saying that if NUS FASS accepts me, I’d go there in a heartbeat. But it’s not the case now. :/ Because they took so long to process my application, I already started selling NTU to myself. And as it turns out, NTU has many merits (in terms of the academics) while it seems that I want to go to NUS more for superficial reasons.

Talking to people isn’t really helpful because everyone has differing opinions. Coupled with how easily I’m influenced and how quickly I adopt the views of other people, it’s really difficult to decide. My mother isn’t exactly helping me now either.

Growing up sucks ):


[edit: i really have no idea how to decide. how does one, at the age of 18, decide on the rest of one’s life?]


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