Ode to Hazel

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Hazel(nuts) are brown
Don’t frown

Above is the poem I wrote to Hazel. It’s called Ode to Hazel. It’s very subtly to her because I don’t directly say her name. Instead I say ‘Hazel(nuts)’ how very clever of me I must say!!

Here is my analysis of my poem. (referring to myself as the poet from here onwards. I’m sure poets everywhere are cringing now oops)

The poet reuses the much used first two lines of a simple love poem in the opening of her poem. The lines are statements of what is obvious. The red rose is a common symbol of love – hence extremely appropriate when used here in the context of a love poem.

However I’m not sure how violets fit in. Perhaps the person who first wrote the lines only knew of these two flowers. Or perhaps violets represent something special between him / her and his / her lover. Or maybe violets were the only flowers he could think of. That would usually be blue. Because for example, daisies are not always one colour. Neither are orchids. Hence it would be less disputable to say that violets are blue.

Hazel, the name of the person the poet dedicates her poem to, is not very brown. However, to keep with the same intent as the first two lines, the poet decides to make it Hazel(nut). Because firstly, Hazel is really slightly nuts. And secondly, hazelnuts are generally brown. Plus it’s not a flower. So it’s kinda original.

The last line is the most profound one of all. The poet seems to be asking Hazel not to frown, to stay happy. Is something bothering Hazel? Is Hazel unhappy? We will never know.
(actually frown was the best rhyming word for brown)

My analysis ends here.

Ode to Hazel

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