Musings otw to City Hall

I opened this page (on pebbles!) thinking that I’ll have something to blog. But I’ve been staring at this for quite a long time without knowing what to type ):

I’ve been quite a lonely kid these few days with two of my best friends virtually uncontactable. ST is away at NS and PJ is away in Hong Kong!
(Yessss PJ you’re my best friend :$ I hope you feel the same way about me)
So I’ve had no choice but to send many text messages to PJ who cannot reply me! Sorry PJ!

Now I’m on the way to meet Jomain, Melissa, Kristel and Huimin. Not very close to Kristel and Huimin actually. I suppose we can talk, it’s just that they won’t be the people I’ll ask out. They’re more of Melissa and Jomain’s friends :/ sometimes I feel quite like an outsider hanging out w them. It seems like they’re so confident of themselves while I’m just awkward. I’m hoping one day I’ll be so confident too! But until then, I just gotta smile and try to fit in :/

I wonder what happened to my St Nicks friends actually. I suppose it’s mostly my fault. I got so caught up with my life in NJ that I didn’t keep in touch with my SN friends. And now I look at people who have a great set of secondary school and JC friends I feel rather envious! It’s not that I don’t have a group of SN friends. I do! But sometimes it feels like we’re so different. Maybe it’s just me being my awkward self.

On another note, I find it a bit hard to talk to people who don’t like 1D. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THEN. It sounds so sad doesn’t it ):

This is supposed to be my distraction from the long journey to City Hall and it’s working quite well. I’m already at Somerset YAY. Two more stops to go and I’ll be there. I’m late ah well.

Oh yes hip hop lessons every Wednesday have been .. Progressing okay. I’m not very good at it if I’m being honest. Isolation doesn’t come easy for myself! The side effect of this is that I appreciate ballet a lot more! šŸ˜€ I really wna try contemporary dance. But Hazel isn’t very interested in it! And I’m not sure if hip hop is something I want to continue because I saw one class of hip hop and ummm it’s a bit too jerky for my tastes! Maybe we’ll just finish hip hop intro 1 and 2 and try girls hip hop! šŸ˜€ or maybe street jazz mmm. I love learning new dances šŸ˜€

Oh okay I’m here bye!!

Musings otw to City Hall

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