New job, new challenges

Quick update as I wait for Jomain to meet me!

I’ve started work at a law firm as a secretary to a partner there. I’ve been there for two days last week actually, but I only officially started work today. And work is … really challenging.

I’ve gotta get used to the terms and learn how to read the documents (none legal related). Also, new faces to remember and new systems to get used to. The best thing about the new job is the location I guess. It’s super near to the MRT. I now take around 5 minutes to get from the MRT to my office! I almost went up the wrong escalator today though. I found myself going toward the escalator that would bring me to Tricor! Kinda miss that place and working with PJ! Definitely miss that.

All righty I’m lying in bed typing this because Jomain arrived while I was typing and interrupted me! Did my nails at Far East so yay they’re a pretty pale colour now šŸ™‚

Sleep time goodnight!

New job, new challenges

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