Of a sleepover and birthday surprise

For the first time in a really long time, I had a day off. Sure I’ve had days off before, but usually only because I had something to do (like collecting results, like taking a ballet exam and so on). Thursday was the first time (probably since the start of the year) that I honestly had NOTHING to do. Which was AWESOME.

The awesomeness started after work on Wednesday. I went for Hip Hop with Hazel and her childhood friend. Rushed home to get ready for SLEEPOVER AT PJ’S HOUSEEEEEEEEE! :D:D Was extremely excited about it because we wanted to ..


To 1D our night away and talk and sing and watch Youtube and stuff like that. Β Oh and do our page for the Singapore 1D Scrapbook.

Bought Mac’s over to her house. So I had a really yummy supper of nuggets and shaker fries. I LOVE NUGGETS AND SHAKER FRIES. Mac’s should ALWAYS have Seaweed Shaker Fries. One of the best things ever.

I don’t remember the EXACT order of everything that transpired. The highlights are as follows:

1. We watched Glee’s cover of Glad You Came like, 10 times. Because Sebastian (Grant Gustin) is incredibly sexy in it and also because of her PJ’s favourite move. Oh here’s a picture of PJ caught in the act of trying to do the ‘drink it if you can’ move.

2. We recorded videos and took pictures of ourselves with her webcam. Rather embarrassing webcam videos that even I haven’t watched. HAHA. But it was so fun!! And we also realised that we can’t dance. HAHA. Or at least, we need to come up with more moves.


4. Watched MANY Youtube videos. Of K-Pop, of Glee, and Ablisa’s audition. Gosh that one was REALLY BAD. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I really don’t understand how people can be so rude!

5. I helped PJ put up her GINORMOUS poster of Louis which will now greet her every morning and smile a goodnight to her every night. LUCKY GIRL.

6. We worked really hard on our 1D page. We spent like.. an hour on it HAHA. Because we took really long deciding what to write! Also we had to think of a good design and we spent a lot of time laughing at ourselves and getting distracted by Youtube. D: But here’s a picture of PJ hard at work.Β 

And here is our finished page!! πŸ˜€ And I have to say.. it looks pretty good. And I’m sure it’s one of the few pages w/o a picture of the boys. HAHA. The photo’s a cool artistic black and white because.. PJ’s printer is a cool black and white one.

7. We slept. From 5.45am to 12.30pm.

I don’t remember what else we did!! But wow it was really fun and one of the best sleepovers I’ve ever had πŸ˜€ I love you PJ thanks for having me over. One of the reasons why I love PJ so much is because with her I don’t have to put on an act or be anyone different. Because I’m totally comfortable with myself when I’m with PJ and I’m so glad to have met her in NJ πŸ™‚ I shall save all the mushy stuff for another post! On to the rest of the day.

We woke up to a rainy afternoon ): But we braved the rain and went to J8 for lunch!! πŸ˜€ I had my yummy chicken katsu rice and PJ had some exotic Unagi rice.

Went to my house after that so I could change and leave my sleepover stuff at home. PJ also fell in love with my 1D poster and sang WMYB to it. HAHA. But yes they really look EXTREMELY handsome there. (my sister questioned ‘when do they not look handsome’ true, true.)

Went to J8 for our SECOND artistic endeavor of the day – JACQ’S BIRTHDAY CAKE! πŸ˜€ It was quite.. hard doing it. HAHA I think we used up all our artistic talent doing the 1D scrapbook page and the cake kinda.. wasn’t so nice sigh. We were quite afraid that Belly and Jason would laugh at it but thankfully they thought it was nice so YAY TO US.

Here’s a picture of the half finished cake.

Bought a drink from the new fruit juice place in the basement after that and we sat outside the MRT like ah bengs sipping on our healthy fruit juice.

Went to Dhoby Ghaut and met up with Jason, Pamela and Jian Yi πŸ˜€ So we sat at Pizza Hut and.. started our wait. We were quite bad and sat there for almost an hour without order food ): I felt quite guilty BUT this really nasty woman complained about us rather loudly and I think she took a picture of us. WHICH IS NASTY. Nasty nasty nasty. So my happy mood was kinda ruined by her. Anyway, Jacq and Belly arrived and we kinda successfully surprised Jacq so all was well πŸ™‚ And the food was yummy, conversation was good and I was surrounded by lovely friends so it was a good night πŸ™‚ Oh and we also grilled Jason about his ^^ and Jian Yi about his NS life! πŸ˜€

OH YES. They played this really.. strange Happy Birthday song (really sweet of them!! I completely didn’t expect it) when they took out the cake for Jacq. THANKS PIZZA HUT. :D:D The song was a HUGE SHOCK HAHA. And we were all laughing at it. Yayyy happy birthday Jacq love you long time.

Bought Gong Cha then we went to a dark place to sit and chit chat. Again, we talked about nothing and everything and laughed and generally had a great time πŸ™‚ I miss 10SH08 so much.

Quick photo with Giselle whom I love dearly but hardly ever meet.

And my great prelude to the weekend ended like that πŸ™‚


You light up my world like nobody else.

(This post has been extremely photo heavy because this is the only way PJ will see the photos. HAHA)

Of a sleepover and birthday surprise

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