Tomorrow’s the Day!

My Grade 6 ballet exam is tomorrow!! Rather excited and nervous for it. I really hope I’ll do okay, it’s been so long since I’ve taken an exam.

Quite worried that I’ll do a step wrong, because it tends to happen when I’m nervous. Or I might get a brain freeze and suddenly not remember.
But those are negative thoughts!!

I must think happy thoughts. Maybe the examiner will be really nice and friendly and encouraging! And maybe it’ll be the best performance (because the exam is just like a performance for the examiner) of my life yet.

No matter what, these past three months (exactly 3 months!!) of extra ballet classes have been really good. I feel much stronger before. And with the syllabus classes, I’m able to FEEL what’s a good turnout, what’s a good line, and remember all the technique without worrying about my steps since everything’s the same for each lesson. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up and keep my technique during non syllabus classes.

The next thing I want to achieve is clean steps! Some people in class have really clean footwork. By that I mean that their feet isn’t all jumbled up and the steps are very precise and their arms are flapping around like a bird. Everything’s very controlled and beautiful. I want to be like that!!

I don’t think I’m a graceful person by nature so that just means I gotta work doubly hard. Because Grade 6 is NOT the end. There’s still Grade 7 and 8 and I really want to do the EOY concert (if there is!)

All the best to me and my group for Tuesday!! (Also Free Cone Day)

Tomorrow’s the Day!

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