Updates on to do lists

Copied from my livejournal, here is my to do list from a while ago:

1. go book shopping with hazel (oops our plan kinda failed since like last year)
2. try out the new eateries along thomson road (salted caramel!, wafflelicious! PRATA! okay i just like it)
3. go karaoke with pj and damien and SING OLD SCHOOL SONGS MANXZ
4. bake yummy yummy stuff ): which i suspect will never happen because of the horrible meannn old oven at home which REFUSES to work with me!!
5. hang out w melissa and jomain. but i’m a bit scared that we’ve changed so much that it’s difficult for us to hang out together and enjoy ourselves ): and i’m also quite worried about feeling left out :/
6. watch a tonnnn of movies HAHA. and eat popcorn while watching yumz.
7. go overseas (EVEN MALAYSIA’S FINE) with my friends
8. be an ice cream girl 🙂
9. watch a ballet (!!) i haven’t done this since like idk when. and i think now i’ve a better appreciation for it (i remember i used to fall asleep omg SO GUILTY!!!)
11. go to the zoo when the new place is open.
12. go to wild wild wet!!
ok i can’t really remember what else now ):

so i’m gna make a list of things i wna watch so i can just view this list next time i’m at videoezy hahaha.

1. pixel perfect!! (doubt i’ll ever find this tho)
2. in time
3. charlie and the chocolate factory
4. ballet shoes
5. mean girls
6. a cinderella story
7. the devil wears prada
8. new york minute
9. john tucker must die
10. she’s the man
11. bad teacher
12. easy A
13. step up 1, 2, 3
14. stardust
15. princess diaries
16. princess protection programme
17. mary poppins
18. princess diaries 2
19. nanny mcphee
20. nanny mcphee and the big bang
21. uptown girls
22. nanny diaries

mmm i also wna watch glee season 2!! 😦 where do i find the time to do all thissss ):

Updates on to do lists

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