Surprise, surprise

You stand in line, waiting for your turn to come. All around you are girls screaming, heady with excitement and anticipation at finally meeting the boys. They come laden with gifts, a chest full of hope and a head full of witty lines to say to their favourite boys.

But you, you stand quietly in line, hoping not to draw any attention to yourself. The line keeps moving, the chatter gets louder and the flashes get brighter.

It’s your turn.

‘Hello Liam,’ you say as you stand in front of him. He looks up, surprised to hear your voice in the crowded mall.

‘What are you doing here?’ he whispers, looking furtively at the other end of the table.

‘Giving him a surprise,’ you wink as you are swept along with the rest of the girls.

You pause in front of each of them, having the same conversation each time.

Then you stop in front of the blond boy scrawling his signature on your album.

‘Hello Niall, give me a high five?’ you ask.

He looks up immediately, startled blue eyes meeting yours.

‘Princess! You’re here!’

Surprise, surprise

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