Poems don’t need to rhyme

One of my all time favourite poems is Carol Ann Duffy’s Mrs Darwin.

7 April 1852
Went to the Zoo.
I said to Him—
Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you.

It’s my favourite because it’s funny! And it changes our perception of Darwin completely. Of course it’s fictitious but so very amusing! ^^


So now here is my poem for PJ. Something that does not rhyme

PJ is the friend I work with
I used to see her everyday
But lately she’s been down with a fever
So that has not been the case.

5 days I have not worked with her
The most boring
5 days of work since forever

I really hope she’ll come back on Monday
Because I do miss her so!
I miss our long lunches together
And our conversations about

One Direction.

I miss sharing the chair with her
As we tumblr after lunch
And squeal over nonsense
And laugh at people together

I also miss how she pops,
Like a weasel,
by my office desk
Just to say a quick hello

Or sometimes have a 15min conversation
I miss counting down
To lunch and knock off time
With PJ
Because it’s so lonely without youuuuuuuuuu ): ):



And my attempt at being smart fails. HAHA. But I really hope PJ gets well soon. It’s so quiet w/o her and feels rather strange sigh. And I’ve been early for the past 5 days. #justsaying. Not used to it!!

Oh I had something I wanted to say but I’ve completely forgotten it ): oh wellz looks like it’s time to sleep!


Poems don’t need to rhyme

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