A bad morning

I had a terrible morning today. Here is what happened:

I woke up to my daddy jangling his keys really loudly outside my room, just to wake me up. Which I completely CANNOT comprehend. I’ve been waking up early/on time for the past few days already, there’s no reason whatsoever for him to need to wake me up. So I tried ignoring it BUT HE KEPT DOING IT. I was really annoyed and grumbled ‘What are you doing?!!’ then made a show of getting up. Then he left, satisfied that I was awake.

And I went back to sleep. BECAUSE IT WAS WAY TOO EARLY.

My alarm is set for 6.40am, and when I decided to stop snoozing it, it was only 6.55am! WHICH MEANT MY DAD WAS TRYING TO WAKE ME UP BEFORE 7AM. WHICH DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME. But whatever, I figured that he did it out of goodwill and idk some weird intent to annoy me early in the morning. So I got ready for work.

I was pretty satisfied with life while I was brushing my teeth. My thoughts were something like this: Mmmm I can be early again today! Super early since I’m awake so early yay me! 😀 And I’ve even picked out my clothes and packed my bag YAY MEEEEEE ^^

BUT TO MY HORROR. When I went to my wardrobe, my top was MISSING. Missing like could not be found. Anywhere. WHICH ANNOYED ME. Because I KNOW I gave it to my maid to wash LAST THURSDAY (and today’s Friday). So in a great big huff I went to my mother’s room to borrow a blouse from her. And it was already 7.20AM.

Satisfied with my outfit, I changed and got ready to leave the house. Opened the drawer to realise.. MY SOCKS WERE NOT IN AS WELL. Can you imagine my rage at this point in time. I was boiling with anger. And it did not help that I needed to wear socks no matter which pair of shoes I wore.

So I had to rummage the shoes cabinet to find my boots – the only pair of shoes I could walk relatively fast in, is appropriate for work and did not need that particular kind of socks. The time was 7.35AM when I could FINALLY finally FINALLY leave the house.

I was angry, so very frustrated I could have cried. Ranted to my sister about it over BBM while walking out of the estate. WHEN I SAW THE BUS.

So in my 1.5inch boots, I RAN FOR THE BUS. Because it’d be another 10 – 15 minutes wait for the next one.

By the time I finally plonked onto the bus, I was gross, sticky, and sweaty, Which is the absolute WORST feeling for a bright and early Friday morning. So mega angry.


But the morning did not stay like that!

On the train, (which I waited 6 minutes for) I was listening to Let Me Love You, Glee’s cover and I suddenly felt myself relaxing and calming down. I thought of Zayn and then I remembered I have the One Thing acoustic video in my iPod!

I played it immediately AND I LITERALLY COULD FEEL THE LOVE I HAVE FOR 1D BLOSSOMING IN MY HEART. And it pushed all the anger and the negativity from the morning away oh my gosh I really really love 1D.

So yup my bad morning turned out okay thanks to 1D 🙂

A bad morning

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