Swan Lake

Exactly one week ago, I went to watch Swan Lake, performed by the Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT). I haven’t watched a ballet for quite a long time plus it was my first time watching with someone other than my mother, so I was really excited! 😀

I originally wanted to watch the ballet with Eugenia but she wasn’t free and I really didn’t want to miss it so I asked the only other person I remembered who was interested in ballets – Jomain! And it was her first ever time watching a ballet woohoo! So many firsts. I was quite worried that she’d be bored or wouldn’t like it but thank goodness she liked it! 😀 I’m so glad I found another person who appreciates ballets.

I didn’t/ couldn’t appreciate ballets in the past. I used to fall asleep! But after dancing in non-syllabus for so long, I started to understand exactly how hard it is to dance so effortlessly and execute the steps expressively. So this time it definitely wasn’t a waste of money HAHA.

The ballet itself was beautiful! I was quite amused by how despite it was put on by SDT, there were very few local dancers – most were from overseas. Odette was played by a Japanese dancer while the Prince was played by a Chinese dancer.

I was so awed by the guys!! Their jumps were .. gravity defying. Perhaps it’s because I don’t get to see many male ballet dancers, I was especially impressed by them. Of course I’m not saying that the female dancers were bad. FAR FROM THAT. So super duper impressed by them, they were on pointe for the entire ballet and all the jumps and the beats oh my goodness it was so .. CLEAN. Haha idk how else to put it!

OH AND MY FAVOURITE (one of my favourite) PART WAS WHEN SHE DID THE FOUTTES!!!! It was so awesome gosh, it felt like she wasn’t ever going to stop HAHA. Idk how to describe it.  ): But I was speechless after watching the third act. I like the third act the best 😀

I really enjoyed myself at the ballet, I felt so inspired after that! ^^ Unfortunately it wasn’t pointe shoe week so I couldn’t do pointe BUT it’s pointe shoe week this week. SO WATCH ME IMPRESS MYSELF.

I kid.

I can’t wait to do pointe actually. Haven’t done it for at least 4 months. Oh gosh let’s hope I don’t collapse.

So I planned to have a lot to say about the ballet because I was so inspired by it but it turns out I don’t have much to say about it. After all, ballet is a visual experience. OH I REMEMBER. I really liked how the dancer and the music could so effectively convey the emotions of the scene as well as the story!

Okay nothing to say already. Besides the fact that I’m quite sad because I know I’ll never be anywhere near that kind of standard, sigh!

Swan Lake

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