Introduction to pebbles

Hello jello!! 😀
Here I am waiting for PJ and blogging on my dearest pebbles. How cool is that!

I remember quite a while ago, I wanted to switch to WordPress because it had an application for blogging on Blackberry. But I was too lazy to move everything over and figure out how to use an entire new blogging platform again. And now that I’ve moved, I can blog on my pebbles!! 😀

For those of you (idk why I blog like a lot of people read this when only 2 people know the URL. And one is in NS while the one will only read if I show it to her -.- ) who don’t know about pebbles, and also for my own reference in future, pebbles is my white Blackberry curve 8520. Alas! This is pebbles v2.0 because the original pebbles has retired :/ she died an early death, my original pebbles.

I named it pebbles for several reasons. Firstly, the keyboard looks a lot like pebbles! 😀 it’s cute and pebbly and really nice to type on. So here I am tap tapping on my nice pebbly keyboard. Secondly, the Blackberry logo kinda looks like pebbles doesn’t it! AND. Last but not least.. Pebbles is peBBles. HAHA. How cool is that 😉

About pebbles v1.0. She was with me for less than a year!! Which is why I could get pebbles v2.0 – the warranty allowed me to exchange pebbles v1.0 to pebbles v2.0. Anyway she died quite a horrific death. By her last stages of life, she was completely unusable! The screen was frozen at the SMS page and the alt key was perpetually stuck. I couldn’t use the trackpad, hence I couldn’t call, couldn’t text, couldn’t do anything!!!! D: Nevertheless, pebbles v1.0 is sorely missed!

Thankfully pebbles v2.0 looks exactly like v1.0.

Okay PJ is here! Time to squeeze on the train, goodbye!

Introduction to pebbles

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