Of One Direction

By now most of my friends know about my overwhelming adoration for One Direction. If you don’t know about One Direction then I think you’ve been living under a rock.

One Direction is THE boy band of the moment. There are five of them – Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan 🙂

From left to right: Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry

PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU’VE EVER SEEN MORE GORGEOUSNESS IN A SINGLE BOY BAND BEFORE 1D. They’re so completely adorable and funny and nice and sexy and ohmygoodness I CANNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THEM IN WORDS.

Here’s a GIF from their latest music video, One Thing. which is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE MV. Since they’ve only released three MVs, it’s not that hard to choose actually. I love this MV the most because it’s of the boys (MY BOYS. OUR BOYS WHATEVER) having fun in London (A DAY OUT WITH ONE DIRECTION!) and being themselves. They also look incredibly handsome. It cuts to clips of them singing One Thing of course and they SING WELL TOO. If you need evidence, listen to the acoustic version of One Thing. Still not convinced? Here’s their acoustic LIVE performance of one of their songs from their debut album, More Than This.

All the BASIC information about 1D can be found on their Wikipedia page which I will not bother linking to because really, YOU SHOULD KNOW ALL THIS ALREADY.

I admit to being terribly superficial. One of the reasons why I love 1D so much is because of their looks. But THEY ARE MORE THAN (extremely) PRETTY FACES. If you’ve listened to those clips of them singing, you’ll realise that they can sing really well 🙂 Which should not be a surprise since they went all the way to the finals in UK’s X-Factor. They’ve grown so much since their X-Factor days. From this:

To the two images you see before that.

I think my infatuation with them is thanks largely to tumblr and Twitter. And youtube videos and GIF images and interviews. Gosh the Internet has made EVERYTHING so accessible. And the Internet has also brought the boys closer to me 🙂 I’m so torn between wanting to meet them, wanting to KNOW them and being so aware that even if I met them I’ll just be another part of the millions of fans they have. I wrote a post about this before, in my Livejournal. Shall copy it here to WordPress because it’s so relevant to my life at the moment.

Somehow in the past few weeks, I’ve evolved from being a person who just listened to their songs to a full fledged fangirl/directioner who knows almost all the lyrics to their songs and can name at least 5 things about them that the general public (i.e. non-directioners) wouldn’t know. I’ve been sleeping at 2am for the past two weekends because I’ve been listening to them sing, watching their videos, looking at their pictures and so on. I know it’s terrible and unhealthy but urgh how can anyone resist this

One of the things I like best about them is that they seem so so genuine. They’re really close to each other despite having been thrown into a group quite randomly and accidentally and THANKFULLY HAHA. They joke around with each other and they’re also really nice to the fans 🙂 And during the concerts, they’re not putting on airs or anything, it’s just them on the stage (with thousands of screaming fangirls/dads) being themselves, dancing weirdly and singing wonderfully.

And now it HURTS knowing that I’ll never be able to meet them. Knowing that the closest I’ll ever get to them is here.

Where they smolder at me through the rather large poster on the door looking over me while I sleep while I read while I sing and dance embarrassingly in my bedroom. It’s quite upsetting actually. I do want to meet them but I know nothing will come out of it BECAUSE I’M NOT PRETTY ENOUGH. That is all.

I am too upset now to continue so.

I am going to abruptly end the post here.


Okay no. I am going to leave you with two adorable GIFs of Niall and Louis.

Of One Direction

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