Of One Direction (again)

[edit] this post was posted in my Livejournal on 22Feb and copied here for easy referencing. [/edit]

.. currently a fan of one direction

yes i know they’ve been around since 2010 and i’m like 2 years late but i think i’ve caught up!! idk why i never checked them out sooner. maybe because they would have completely distracted me from studying for As. they are absolutely ADORABLE. especially niall.

i know one shouldn’t believe everything on the Internet, but wow, tumblr makes them sound so so so amazing. and their video diaries on youtube completely reinforces the point. anddd i haven’t really read anything about about them (except what Sherlyn told me, she’s a mean pig) yet i’m incredibly sad because well, this picture sums it up:

gosh this is so so true ): puayjoo keeps laughing at me and my obsession with them. i know that statement above is true! but i can’t help but wish it wasn’t ):
and being completely honest with myself, even if i did meet them, i’ll just be another fan to them, one of their millions of fans around the world. I WILL NEVER BE ANYONE SIGNIFICANT TO THEM!

now i just need to knock some sense into myself and STOP OBSESSING ABOUT THEM. ok or maybe just some of them. i know i sound like those fan girls i’m always making fun of ): and i probably okay no i know i am but still i can’t help myself.

i had a dream last night! nothing as awesome or intricate as puayjoo’s dream but a dream nonetheless! i dreamt of niall and how we were holding hands and walking down a street somewhere. IT WAS PERFECT. he’s adorable like a little penguin. or a potato hahahaha potato.

i need to get on with my life and reality and wake up from this one direction stupor that i have somehow sunk into. because it is quite tiring actually to suddenly stop what i’m doing and shock myself with the proverbial bucket of ice water and remember that they’ll never know who i am. ):

even as i type this i’m secretly hoping (ok now it isn’t a secret) that about a year later i’ll be reading this w my boyfriend (AKA NIALL) and laughing at how foolish i was because of course i met him and of course we fell in love and of course we’ll live happily ever after and eat lots of yummy food because he loves food and i love food can’t you see we’re perfect for each other.

i’m also quite afraid that i’ll find that their true personalities are far from the ones they show to the public. i’d be so upset ):

so while i’m laughing at all the 1dimagines (really they’re quite funny) i’m actually half hoping that they’ll come true for ME not for any one else but MEEEEEE.
which is stupid because it’s not like i’ve ever done anything for them (eg i didn’t vote for them for the brits award and i’m not like those rly hardcore fans who stalk their every move)
who knows. maybe niall will like me because of that.

while i struggle to stay afloat in this quicksand of falling in love with yet another person that i will never have, i will also have to sort out my real life by ignoring it and hopefully i’ll be able to go to the alternate universe where niall and i meet deciding what i want for my future aside from meeting niall and falling in love.

all right that is all goodbye.

[edit] Here’s another picture of 1D because this is MY WordPress hence I can drown it in 1D [/edit]

And now I am going to bed so .. GOODNIGHT. 🙂

Yes that was just an excuse to have this on my WordPress. 🙂

Of One Direction (again)

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