FF: Boyfriend

“Stop worrying about me. You think you’re protecting me from something, but it won’t help. I’m already in too deep, Lily,” James told me with a sad smile playing at his lips. He reached over and brushed a piece of hair out of my face. “I love you.” His fingers ghosted over my cheekbone, and my eyes fluttered close. “I love you completely and always,” he whispered. “I have all along.”

Boyfriend by Molly Raesly

MY FIRST LILY/JAMES FIC!! It’s completely unrealistic but I like it because it’s rather fluffy 😀 There are many moments that made me go awww that’s so sweet james!! And then I’ll feel quite upset because I remember that they died so young and I wonder what they would have been like if they were alive.

Wouldn’t it be kinda cool if JKR did a prequel to the Harry Potter series! It’d be nice to read about the earlier generation with ooh lucius/narcissa and lily/james/snape (super sad zomg) and the maruaders and everybody! But I doubt it’ll happen );


[edit] Just read a few more of this author’s fics and gosh if you’re looking for an unbelievably sweet portrayal of James Potter, you definitely have to read her stories. She makes him sound so incredibly .. sweet. And caring. And like a perfect boyfriend oh goshhhh. [/edit]

FF: Boyfriend

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