Friday is for Results

So the day that we’ve all been dreading since the last day .. ok no since like the start of A levels was finally here. To be honest, I was quite worried about not feeling that scared. I think I did too good a job being in denial and living in my own alternate reality.

PJ and I took a full day off from work, mostly because we wanted to. Who wouldn’t want to!! I really don’t understand how people can work all day. Isn’t it boring!! I miss holidays boo ):

I was woken up by a phone call I remember. I was quite annoyed because I wanted to sleep in!! And wake up at 10am and laze all the way haha. Instead I woke up even before my alarm rang grr. Don’t like it when it happens!

So I spent my morning doing my nails! Painting it an auspicious turquoise colour HAHA. And made a friendship band for Rachael so she’ll always think of me. 😀 Or so I hope. It was quite a relaxing morning! Oh I was supposed to go to Yishun to drop off my hard disk for ST to give me lots of goodies but I was too lazy to leave my house. So I decided to bring it along to pass it to him in the afternoon.

Met Rachael for lunch! ^^ I haven’t seen her since the last aerobics lesson I went for. HAHA. It was a complete and extremely happy surprise that we met there. We couldn’t decide where to eat and didn’t want to see RJ kids everywhere we turned in J8 so we decided to go to Coronation Plaza the land of NJCians and other JC people. Then we decided to be adventurous and take the circle line to Botanic Gardens. Boarded the train and realised that… we got on the wrong train HAHA. We were headed in the opposite direction!! So we ended up eating at Food Republic in nex then circle-ed back to Botanic Gardens where we met Jacq!! Lifesaver Jacq because we had no idea how to go to school from here. 😀

OH AND I FINALLY STARTED GETTING NERVOUS WHILE CROSSING THE BRIDGE HAHA. I think it finally hit home how enormous an impact on my life the few letters on the results slip would have. Yes so I started feeling a bit cold and rather worried and no PJ my teeth did NOT chatter.

We all gathered in the hall to listen to things that nobody really wanted to listen to. But it didn’t sound like we did well as a cohort since there wasn’t like ‘ooh y’all improved’ and things like that. 😦 So I was getting more worried!! OHOH. The most important thing hahaha. I was happy to be able to meet all my friends again!! Classmates and non-classmates. It was so nice to see them again 🙂 Especially seeing how much they’ve changed in the few months out of school.

There was no order in the way the results slips were given out. So Ms Kavi and another Geography teacher were seated at the desk and we just went up to them in whenever we were ready. We had to sign and check many things before they gave us what we wanted to see the most. My hand was really shaking while I signed haha.

Then I got my results slip.

I did pretty okay. I don’t really think I deserve my results and wow someone up there must really have been looking out for me. Because now I feel so lucky to be able to choose what I want to do and not be restricted by my results. I don’t think I worked all that hard for my results? So it really came as a huge surprise to me. I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever so I can definitely say that this is way beyond my expectations 🙂

So now’s the time to make sense of everything they’ve been giving us throughout the entire last year. All the talks that I barely listened to, all the brochures that I stuffed somewhere and mentally dumped, all the advice the teachers have been giving us. I guess I’m slowly starting to understand some of the terms and all that so that’s good.

But how am I going to be able to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life! :/ This is going to be a tough time.

Okay no. I’ve more or less decided. But I’m not exactly sure if it’s what I want? Perhaps it’s what my parents want and I’m just taking it because I cannot decide for myself. Since a long time ago, they’ve been asking me ‘How about studying Law?’ and my mother has been saying that Law is a flexible degree and there are many things I can do with a law degree. And somewhere along the line, these reasons have become my reasons. I’ve been telling them that I’ll try Law if my results permit it – because I did not expect myself to be able to do it anyway. And now since it’s possible, I guess I’ll try it? I don’t know what my own goals are anyway, which is why I really admire people who are able to say so decisively what they want to do in life.

Everything for me comes attached with a ‘What If?’ Maybe now’s not the time to think about ‘What If’s and just plunge into it. It’s either sink or swim and I’m sure I’ll at least be able to float.

So all the best to me 🙂

And all the best to all my friends (my two friends who read this blog). ❤

Friday is for Results

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