The Week

Soooo this has been a rather exciting week. I made many plans for the week just in case I wouldn’t do well for A levels and have to wallow at home in self pity for the rest of my life awhile.

Monday was spent with my mother! She suddenly decided that she wanted to have McSpicy for dinner because of the discount ($2.90 for a McSpicy!) so she asked me to join her for MacDonalds’ 😀 Never one to say no to food, especially fast food, I agreed readily hahaha! So yup I had a yummy dinner of fattening unhealthy fast food.

Tuesday was a pig out day with Sherlyn!! :D:D I haven’t seen the darling girl for the LONGEST TIME. I honestly don’t remember the last time I met her ): She gave me Ferb. Have I mentioned how awesome she is hahahaha. And the Ferb talks, how cool is that. He recites lines from the show when I press his tummy hehe qt 🙂 We had Saybons for a light dinner then proceeded for the MAIN COURSE. Ice cream at Swensens yumz! But I felt reallyyyy guilty for eating ice cream because I just had it exactly a week ago oops 😦 Oh being the last minute queen she is, she gave me a card that she wrote in after we had our ice cream. But yay to happy times with Sherlyn 🙂

Wednesday was an evening with Melissa! Whom I haven’t seen since 27 Sept. She finished early so the poor girl had to wait for me to make my way to Plaza Singapura. We had a lot of trouble deciding what to eat but finally settled on Cafe Cartel because of the student discount and the fact that it was right in front of us. We haddd pork ribs and pasta, the food was GOOD. Oh we also ordered a glass of ice peach tea to share which Melissa said should not be put between us as it was seem ‘too les’ HAHA. She’s really full of nonsense, in a good way. I really missed going out with Melissa and listening to all her stories and funny things 🙂 We walked around after dinner and sat at LJS w/o buying anything (REBELS!) and talked some more 😀 It was a really good catch up and ah happy times 🙂

THURSDAY WAS KARAOKE NIGHT FINALLYYYY. Karaoke night with PJ, ST and my sister. It was a really good distraction from Friday, which was the reason for it being on Thursday anyway. IT WAS SO FUNNN. I love karaoke-ing with them. Our warm up song was 1D’s What Makes You Beautiful where we screamed/shouted the lyrics hahaha. We sang soooo many songs gosh. PJ’s favourite 183 Club and 5566, ST’s Cyndi Wang, hip English songs, raps etc. And we also discovered that PJ can rap really well, even to songs she’s listening to for the first time! PROXZ. Oh yes we also sang oldies because oldies are the best. Westlife and Blue and even Spice Girls. AWESOME POSSUM. 😀 I had a really enjoyable time shouting/singing/laughing/being backup. And I really love PJ and ST (and my sister, that goes without saying). So far they’re the only people I feel so comfortable around, being myself and embarrassing and all that. Thank you you two for being so incredible 🙂




Okay dum dum dum dummmm. That’s all bye.

The Week

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