Another exciting moment

So just less than half an hour ago, Liam Payne of One Direction tweeted #tinyaskliam. With the experience I now have from yesterday I encouraged PJ to tweet to him.

Be brave! Take a chance!! So she really did it.

I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!! Even tho he hasn’t retweeted 😦 But I’m sure he will.. eventually.

In our happy little trio I’m the only one left who hasn’t tweeted to them. HENCE I WILL DO IT DURING THE NEXT ASKLIAM. Shall make my account public then quickly lock it after the furore is over heh.

Oh yes, inspired by the exciting moment I decided to write this short paragraph on the power of celebrities.

For example, Liam Payne of One Direction only had to tweet #tinyaskliam and in 20minutes, it became the top trend worldwide. This clearly shows the power cute celebrities have on their fans. THIS POWER COULD BE USED TO DO GREAT THINGS, such as alerting people (especially young impressionable teenage girls) to the plight of people in Somalia.

It is extremely difficult to fangirl at work and I suspect some people may have seen me grinning rather madly at this dinosaur of a laptop they have provided me with. Hence I will continue fangirling later with PJ at lunch. WHICH IS 8 MINUTES AWAY HOORAY.

I’m hungry ~

Another exciting moment

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