Sherlyn ♥

She is one of the dearest most nonsensical person in my life.

I’ve known her since I was in Secondary 3, so that makes this year our 5 year together!! Wow I didn’t even realise time flew so fast. Anyway, I haven’t really been keeping in contact with her after we left secondary school because um well, I haven’t exactly been keeping in touch with many people from secondary school actually. But that’s not the point. We did meet up a few times (possibly like once a year?!!) after SN, but that was about all.

Howeverrrr, Sherlyn has always been in my life!! Every time I see F1, every time I see Arsenal, every time I hear about Kris Allen or Michael Owen (MONEYFACE), etc. She has been a huge influence in my life, especially in those areas. In fact, she’s the one who told me about almost everything I know about those different things listed.

I still remember how we used to fangirl about our respective idols (Tom Felton for me!!) and we plotted to fly over to UK to meet them then live happily ever after hahaha.
We also pigged out a lot together. The difference of course was that she could afford it (being the skinny stick she is) and I couldn’t exactly afford it (being the pleasantly plump pig I am).

In fact, most of my memories of Sherlyn involve eating. HAHA. Eating at MacDonalds’, eating during recess together, eating ice cream etc. Omg Sherlyn YOU ARE SUCH A PIG.

Anyway the best thing about Sherlyn is that even though we haven’t spoken for really long, she replies to my messages almost instantly and we continue our love for each other as though the hiatus (caused by my lack of reply) never happened. She also loves me INTENSELY. As evidenced from her strange desire to eat me. In a pervy way HAHA.

She is seriously one of the most perverted people I know.

I do love Sherlyn a lot! Even though we hardly speak. Oops. Thanks for being an awesome friend babe. I love you x10000 and I know you love me too.

(Oh yes I forgot to mention that her ego is larger than mine. Which isn’t very surprising since I’m so humble but yes. Her ego is HUGE. As huge as.. Saturn.)

Sherlyn ♥

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