4 more days

To the release of the A levels results. A couple of hours ago my mother texted me saying that it has (finally) been announced that our results will be released on 2 March, this coming Friday.

Which actually comes as no surprise since we all have been predicting and counting down to that day anyway. But the official announcement makes it so much more real and zomgwthbbqpotatoes it’s in 4 DAYS TIME. I’m really really scared now and I’m so hoping I’ll do okay.

I haven’t really thought about what grades I’ll get for each subject, I don’t even dare to think about it!! Everything feels so far away and wow suddenly the results for what we have been working for two years for is finally here. And this is going to determine possibly our careers and all that. So wowww the implications are really far reaching now that I think about it.

And I don’t actually want to think about it. While I am rather excited about going back to school and seeing the teachers, my friends and the place that holds so many memories for me, I’m completely terrified of the event that brings me back to school.

I’m really glad that I have Thursday to look forward to. PJ, ST, my sister and I are going for a karaoke session on Thursday night so that we can take our minds off the next day! So while we dread the arrival of Friday, we can look forward to Thursday’s singing session. Quite a stroke of genius I would say. Hmmm I wonder who came up with the idea. OH RIGHT IT’S ME. Hahahaha.

Ms Loh has also offered to either comfort us or celebrate with us (depending of course on what letters of the alphabet appear on our results slips) with ice cream. Again, I’m hoping it’s the latter.

So glad for the people around me who care πŸ™‚

4 more days

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